2019 Little Pink Moonbeams

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Your favorite summer crush is back for a second vintage! The 2019 Little Pink Moonbeams is bright, fruity, crunchy rose derived from a variety of sustainably farmed vineyards throughout the Central Coast. Our only regret with this wine is that we didn't put it in a bigger bottle - you won't want to put this thing down. 

Enjoy Little Pink Moonbeams by the pool, on the beach, in the lake, or wherever you find yourself with good company. Pair it with fish or vegetable dishes - or pizza, or guac, or tacos, or whatever you feel like eating. This wine just wants to be your friend and doesn't really care what you eat! 

Shipping is free when you order any combination of 6+ bottles. 

100% of the profits earned by Little Wings are donated to the Little Wings Endowment Fund, benefiting the Neo Pals Organization at the University of Miami Holtz Children's Hospital NICU, and other organizations focused on improving the lives of NICU families. 

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